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Frequent visitors to Ocracoke Island may have noticed the large feral cat population living there. It is believed that the cats probably arrived with the island ponies... as survivors of the many shipwrecks that have occurred off the NC Outer Banks since colonial times.

Many islanders and business owners care for the cats by providing food, water and veterinary care, often with help from the non-profit Ocracats organization. A recent spike in births has threatened to empty the Ocracat coffers. We must aggressively neuter and spay the feral colonies to control breeding and keep them healthy. Donations to Ocracats will be gratefully received if you can help.


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Ocracats, P.O. Box 993, Ocracoke NC 27960.
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Visit our photo album of Ocrakittens recently placed into good homes. Photo Album of Ocrakittens

If you are interested in adopting a kitten please click here.

How do you celebrate National Feral Cat Day?

Ocracats proudly announces their 2012 Community Impact Award.

To celebrate its 22nd anniversary, Alley Cat Allies, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of cats, awarded 22 grants to groups across the U.S. that have demonstrated serious commitment to the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) approach to feral cat containment. 

This year Ocracats, Inc. was a very surprised recipient of this $1,000 award. The money was put to use to sponsor the 3-day TNR clinic held at the Fire Hall in late September.  Over 75 cats, mostly feral, were neutered/spayed, dewormed, and vaccinated against rabies.


October 16 is National Feral Cat Day. Please help celebrate this event by donating a gift of cat food to Ocracats, Inc. or, even better, taking one of these sweet kitties home for keeps.



Despite the success of the adoption program, the fact remains that the most effective way to control our feral cat population is through large-scale on-island TNR clinics. Ocracats has redoubled its commitment to this endeavor. With the assistance of the Ocracoke Foundation, Ocracats has applied for a large grant from PetsSmart to fund four TNR clinics during the next 2 years. (See Below, we were awarded the grant). In addition, the organization is pursuing veterinarians throughout the State who will be willing to provide 1-2 day clinics this fall. If you are a veterinarian and would be willing to help, please contact us at 252-921-0281


Ocracats gets grant from PetSmart charities for spay-neuter clinics

To read about the first clinic in 2012 under the PetSmart Charities grant, published in the Ocracoke Current, Ocracoke first online newspaper, click here Click here to see some photos


Ocracats, Inc., a non-profit devoted to the feral cats on Ocracoke Island, has received a $21,000 grant from PetSmart Charities and will hold the first of four spay-neuter clinics over two years on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 21and 22, to help control the feral cats on the island.


“With no full-time veterinarian on the island and no other animal control, Ocracats has been challenged to control and care for the ever-expanding feral cat population on Ocracoke,” noted Ruth Fordon, Ocracats president. “Thanks to the generosity and concern of PetSmart Charities, we aim to see a significant decrease in the numbers of feral cats.”

With about 20 known feral cat colonies in the village, containing 15 to 30 cats each, Ocracats aims to spay-neuter up to 300 cats in the four clinics. The group estimates that 800 to 1,000 live in the colonies and marshlands surrounding the village.


Ocracats, under the umbrella of the Ocracoke Foundation, received the grant in November. The Ocracoke Foundation, which applied for the gran,t will administer the monies.

“We are pleased that we can help Ocracats and the island with this project,” noted Robin Payne, Ocracoke Foundation executive director. “This kind of collaboration for community benefit is the mission of the foundation.”

In addition, the Hyde County Health Department is collaborating with the effort by covering the cost of rabies shot that each treated cat will receive.


The clinics will be for feral cats only and will be conducted on Ocracoke Island by veterinarians with Coastal Animal Clinic of Kitty Hawk. Each of the four clinics in 2012 will be held for one day with the goal of 50 to 60 surgeries per clinic. Volunteers will be responsible for trapping the cats, transporting them to surgery, monitoring them after surgery, and transporting them back to their colonies.


Dates for three more clinics in 2012 have not been set. The final two clinics sponsored by PetSmart Charities will be held in early 2013.


Volunteers are needed to help with the clinics in various capacities.

Contact Ruth Fordon, if interested, at 252-475-0859.


“Ocracats is dedicated to improving the lives of homeless cat on Ocracoke,” said Susanna Della Maddalena, vice-president and executive director at PetSmart Charities, Inc. “By creating programs like this one, they are making strides toward ending homeless-pet over-population and improving life for people and animals alike.”

Established in 1994, PetSmart Charities, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates and supports programs that save the lives of homeless pets, raise awareness of companion animal welfare issues, and promote healthy relationships between people and pets.


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